About Us

How I got started in window cleaning

My first window washing truck

I went to school for automotive technician, became a ASE certified mechanic, and did that for 15 years.  Over the years I got tired of working on cars.  My uncle Garry washes windows for a living and I found that interesting. When I had some time I went over to my uncles and learned how the window cleaning business was done.  Ready to forge ahead I came back to Wautoma and started Clearshine Window Cleaning. It’s been great! 

Now after 13 years of window cleaning, I have started a new company Ph7 Pure Water Systems Inc. where I design and build equipment for other window cleaners. It’s interesting how things change over time. The above picture is my first window cleaning truck. 

It took time


It took time to learn the business.  As time went by I got better and better at window cleaning.  With power washing there was a lot to learn.  I’ve spent time doing research and development.  Over the years I’ve developed a better understanding and have more knowledge under my belt to get the jobs done. It takes time and practice to learn something new.  Growing up I was told you should learn something new everyday, how true that statement has been for me.

Looking forward to working for you


I hope in the future, we here at Clearshine Window Cleaning can provide you with the service you need.   Whether it is Window Cleaning, Power Washing, Roof Cleaning, or Deck Cleaning.  We are here to get the job done right.

Check Out The Equipment We Build For the Industry

Portable Pure water cart for window cleaning.

We design the tools for the industry.

Pic of the ph7 pure water systems that we designed and sell to other window cleaners

Clearshine window cleaning has been in business for 13 years and we still love what we do.  We are passionate about providing the best service possible. Our aim is to continue improving our knowledge and equipment technology to do our best job.

We Care About the Details

Water fed pole brush

We like using pure water systems for cleaning because, we‘re able to clean window frames and the glass at the same time, the windows stay cleaner longer, and they keep their shine even when dirty.  The pure water system also helps us to clean your windows safely.  It allows us to clean windows up to 45 feet high without the use of a ladder.  Safety comes first  on the job.  

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Windo pic

We take pride in what we do.  It makes us happy when a customer is satisfied with the work we have done.  After a job is complete, seeing the end result and our customers reaction to their clean windows makes it all worth it.